Low Vision evaluation


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    Your individual needs and goals will be assessed at the beginning of the low vision evaluation. The low vision doctor will review your eye and health history as they relate to your visual abilities.

    During your low vision evaluation, the doctor will:

    • Evaluate your visual acuity and contrast sensitivity on low vision charts.
    • Determine the effects of any visual field deficits.
    • If indicated, perform a careful refraction using different techniques to determine if glasses will improve your vision.
    • Evaluate and recommend visual aids specifically designed to help meet your needs and achieve your goals.
    • Recommend coordinated services from other providers.
    • Share results of the evaluation with your referring eye doctor.

    To learn more about the visual aids and devices that may be recommended to you, please visit ABVI’s Optical shop or InSight Shop.

    Learn about how to schedule a low vision evaluation.